Andy Harvey Memoriam

The purpose of the Andy Harvey Native American Broadcast Journalism Workshop is to open doors to media careers for Native American students. Native Americans have historically been underrepresented in the media. Few high schools in Arizona offer media classes, and cameras, recording equipment, and editing computers are expensive, so most high schools on the reservations cannot afford to promote this career choice. Lacking Native American media mentors and having few educational opportunities, the obstacles to a media career can seem daunting for Native American students, and even if they are attracted to media work, there are cultural, social, and economic forces to overcome. Read More...


See the 2014 Native American Broadcast Journalism Workshop PSAs.

2015 Summer Workshop APPLICATION will be opening on February 15th! Stay Tune!


During pre-production students learn how to write scripts, create storyboards and plan out their projects.


Production is the actual recording and filming of the project using NAU state-of-the-art equipment.


Post Production brings all the project elements together in the edit bay.

Check back February 15th, 2015 for more information of the 2015 Summer Workshop.

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